Trending Topics with BB Recap

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Here are the TOP 10 Most Listened to Episodes:

#1: #45-Monoverse

#2: #37-Markus Schulz 

#3: #40-Brooke Tomlinson 

#4: #41-Joe Gangemi

#5: #43-DJ Munition

#6: #14-Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

#7: #24-SuperStarDJROS

#8: #11-Let’s Catch Up

#9: #15-Diet is a Four Letter Word

#10: #38-Don Nottingham


The Love of Music Project Recap

Time to feature recent posts from The Love of Music Project. There has been much love for Coldharbour Recordings and Markus Schulz this year.

Open to Close with Markus Schulz

Track Review: “Perfect Imperfection” by Omair Mirza featuring Avari

Artist Review: Arkham Knights

‘Watch the World’ Album Release Show at Exchange LA

E.P. Review: Space E.P. by Mr. Pit

Track Review: “Eleven 11” by Omair Mirza & Danilo Ercole

Set Review: New World Punx at EDC Las Vegas

Album Review: ‘Introspection’ by Solid Stone

Track Review: “Oblivion” by Fisherman & Hawkins

Coldharbour Day 2016

Track Review: “Cygnus” by Novaspace 

Track Review: “Counter Strike” by Dave Neven

Podcast Highlight: The Moms with Dreams Show

The Moms With Dreams Show podcast, hosted by Erica Gordon, is a show that inspires women to go after what they want without sacrificing what is most important to them. Each week listeners hear real stories from real women who have found the courage to go after what they want in the midst of motherhood. Guests share their insight as well as tips, tools, and strategies that listeners can implement in their lives to achieve their goals and dreams. In the upcoming season, Erica will focus on teaching emerging and established entrepreneurs how to build a passion-driven business while working their 9 to 5 job.

New episode airs every Wednesday morning at 9 am EST. Listeners can tune in on iTunes or from my website. 

Social Media links:
Twitter: @momswithdreams
Instagram: @momswithdreams
Facebook: (personal page)

Podcast Highlight: What’s Up Movie Surfers

13320466_1181707108528928_2166476309646900964_oWhat’s Up Movie Surfers Podcast:  What’s up, Movie Surfers? We’re your hosts, Jordyn and Mallory. Join us as we dive into Disney Channel Original Movies and try not to drown in the nostalgia. Starting from “A” and riding the wave to “Z,” we will dish on Disney dirt, reveal behind-the-scenes facts, and ask the important questions like, “Why am I so into floppy, 90’s hair?”

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a listen!