Social Media Consulting

After much thought, and well irony within life, the decision to offer social media consulting to individuals, businesses, and non-profits has been made. Besides being a digital specialist for an agency, social media marketer for a community sports company, and just recently asked to become the director of social media for a new LLC, the following I have built over the years lead me to what is now BB Media Industries, LLC.

Why should you choose me as your consultant? Yes, the credentials stated above can be impressive, but what sets me apart? More than ever before, the brand you build and portray through social media can make or break your overall goal. I am a strong proponent for staying real, and using specific techniques on specific social media platforms to build your following.

How much does your consulting cost?  $25 per hour  Consultations will be conducted over the phone, Skype, Google+ Hangout, or any other like platform.

Per Hour
1 Hour $25.00 USD
2 Hours $40.00 USD
4 Hours $80.00 USD

Call (602) 456-1520 or email bbmediaindustries{at} to schedule your consultations!