Podcast Highlight: What’s Up Movie Surfers

13320466_1181707108528928_2166476309646900964_oWhat’s Up Movie Surfers Podcast:  What’s up, Movie Surfers? We’re your hosts, Jordyn and Mallory. Join us as we dive into Disney Channel Original Movies and try not to drown in the nostalgia. Starting from “A” and riding the wave to “Z,” we will dish on Disney dirt, reveal behind-the-scenes facts, and ask the important questions like, “Why am I so into floppy, 90’s hair?”

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Podcast Highlight: Video Marketing Mastery

Video Marketing Mastery with Todd Hartley:  Todd Hartley from WireBuzz reveals the secrets to successful video marketing. Discover the strategies, tips and tricks that will help your business build an audience, generate leads, and close the deal. Whether you’re a Fortune 100 business, or a solo entrepreneur, video marketing can help you amplify your sales and marketing results. Each week on Video Marketing Mastery, Todd interviews experts and business leaders that are finding success with video. Together, they work to extract the key lessons and insights that will help you take your business to the next level. Whether you’re looking to build a YouTube channel or use video as part of your inbound marketing plan, you’ll get the expert advice you need on everything from developing your video strategy to measuring ROI.

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